Pottery for Grown-Ups

Sorry kids! You're not allowed in this one! Pottery for Grown-Ups is a class for students 18 and older who are wanting to learn how to create pottery. We will learn several methods, including pottery wheel, slab building, slump, coil, and other hand-building techniques.  Choose between our 8-week quarter ($400) and 16-week semester ($700)  sessions. Class tuition includes clay, tools, glazes, firings, and up to 10 extra practice hours per quarter. Join us today by enrolling below!

Date Night Drop Offs

Kids, come enjoy a fun evening of creation while your parents enjoy a quiet date night! (ew, right!??)  Sign up today for our future events!

Sept: Galaxy Night

Oct: Halloween Extravaganza

Nov: Thankfulness Creations

Dec: Jingle All The Way