2024 Spring Semester Classes are Here!

Check out our new class schedule for Spring of 2024! Next semester starts in January. We are adding several new classes to the schedule. Be sure to check the Class Descriptions for more information on the Classes Tab.

Pottery for Grown-Ups

Sorry kids! You're not allowed in this one! Pottery for Grown-Ups is a class for students 18 and older who are wanting to learn how to create pottery. We will learn several methods, including pottery wheel, slab building, slump, coil, and other hand-building techniques.  Choose between our 8-week quarter ($400) and 16-week semester ($700)  sessions. Class tuition includes clay, tools, glazes, firings, and up to 10 extra practice hours per quarter. Join us today by enrolling below!

Date Night Drop Offs

Kids, come enjoy a fun evening of creation while your parents enjoy a quiet date night! (ew, right!??)  Sign up today for our future events!

Feb: Snowboarding Yetis

March: Pirate Adventures

April: Pokemon Night

May: Spring has Sprung!