About Us

Brush and Glaze Learning Studio LLC

is a new art studio in beautiful Wasilla, Alaska, located right behind Twindly Bridge Charter School. We specialize in small group classes for learners of all ages and experience levels. Stay tuned for adult classes coming soon! We want to tailor our program to the needs of our community, and we are very open to hearing your suggestions. Send us an email any time.

COVID Responsibilities: We thank you in advance for adhering to guidelines and being considerate of our neighbors so we can continue creating wonderful art together! Each class has fewer than 10 people. We are almost completely distanced. You are warmly welcomed to wear a mask if you feel comfortable doing so!

About the Teacher:

Rachel Skinner is a certified K-12 Art teacher. Until this year, she has taught in public school. She loves seeing children light up when they create art! Mrs. Skinner believes that Art is one of the most foundational tools any person can have. She knows all great history is recorded and remembered through works of art, and that art has an amazing ability to help us work though difficult moments. She finds it fascinating how art helps us learn concentration and activates multiple centers of the brain. She believes that every person alive has the ability to be an artist. The trick is having the patience!
Mrs. Skinner is married to Derek Skinner. They have one son, four-year-old Elliott, and three fat, naughty kitties, Clementine, Steve, and Felix.